The story of Komune Living

We take life, work, and adventures beyond the traditional borders.

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What’s in our DNA

Community & collaboration

We are all about creating communities that lift you up to where you want to be, while building an ideal lifestyle based on collaboration. Simply because open and uplifting communities achieve more meaningful milestones.

Curious & open-minded

We embrace change and new ways to live. We're always looking into something new and interesting things to explore. We value openness and sharing, and we’re always ready to meet and connect with new people and try new things.

Connected & robust

What begins as a single dot, develops meaning and transforms into mighty creations when more and more dots are connected and combined together. That’s why we believe when individuals come together to form a well-connected community, we are at our strongest.

What we do

A new way of hassle-free, value-smart co-living and accommodation with a focus on comfort, convenience and community. Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own studio room, or pop out to the many shared-spaces created for you to engage and get social.

Caring for our health and well-being should always be the top priority! Be part of a complete wellness ecosystem with multi-dimensional programmes as well as services and experience a better way of revitalising and rejuvenating. Get back to optimum health in mind, body and spirit based on your individual needs.

Well-appointed co-working space with meeting rooms, hot desks, private offices, and event spaces for you to connect, collaborate and get your best work done. Discover productive and beautifully designed environments that will change the way you work.

Supported by a team of professional Nurses, Therapists, as well as Caregivers providing personalised senior care services and accommodation options, Komune Care offers Independent and Assisted and Living Suites, a Senior Daycare facility and plenty of community activities focused on overall wellness and an active lifestyle for seniors or retirees.

About UOA Hospitality

UOA Hospitality is the hospitality arm of UOA Group, one of Malaysia’s leading property developers. Established in 2011, the company currently manages five distinctive brands across six locations in Bangsar South and KLCC, spanning the hotel, serviced residence, co-living, co-working space and event sectors.

Here are the other properties managed by UOA Hospitality in addition to Komune Living.

Connexion Conference & Event Centre

VE Hotel & Residence

Invito Hotel & Residence

Komune Co-Working

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